For over 35 years, Hillier Engineering Services have been a leader in CNC and Manual machining & fabrication. We supply quality precision components to various industries, including Aerospace, Defence, Mining, Mineral Processing Plants, Refineries, Agriculture, Earth Moving, Railways, Transportation, Water Treatment and Equipment.

Hillier Engineering Services commenced operations in 1988 and was founded by John and Ray Hillier who have built strong relationships with our clients and suppliers. We always strive to exceed our clients' expectations, and our long association with clients who utilise our services is a true testament to our commitment.

Welcome to Hillier Engineering Services

In January 2022, our company moved into our new special-purpose building adjacent to our original building, significantly improving our productivity. In addition, this expansion has dramatically enhanced our lean manufacturing processes. It has also provided us with a greater capacity for under roof space and greatly improved safety for our employees, suppliers, and clients.

Hillier Engineering Services continues to invest heavily in state-of-the-art quality machine tools and equipment. We are incredibly proud to have such highly skilled, loyal machine operators who work with our energetic management team and are committed to ensuring our clients' components meet their required specifications.

Hillier Engineering Services have developed strong relationships with our suppliers to ensure they meet our strict standards for quality and reliability. Our suppliers are crucial to our manufacturing process and supply chain. For Hillier Engineering Services to meet our clients' time delivery targets, all our suppliers must stay committed to our delivery, quality and requirements.

On-time delivery, quality, safety, and competitive pricing are our key focus for our clients. Our company is ISO9001:2015 accredited to ensure our manufacturing processes are compliant and efficient to provide our clients with the highest level of service.

Hillier Engineering Services are a known machining supplier in meeting tight deadlines and are fast at reacting to clients' needs as they arise.

Our future is supplying our clients with the quality machined components they require.

Our friendly competent staff are here to help with whatever machining requirements you have. Look no further as "We Never Comprise on Quality".

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Hillier Engineering Services was established 18th March 1988, by Ray Hillier. The business was then located at 5 Project Street, Salisbury Brisbane. The company started with 1 manual centre lathe, 1 Bandsaw and 1 Milling machine.

Starting a new business during these times was tough with interest rates at record highs of 18%. The company was producing basic component's as well as high precision items and hydraulic cylinders for the agricultural industry, heavy haulage industry.


By 1990 HES had invested further in plant and equipment. The company now had 4 centre lathes and 3 milling machines, plus a radial arm drill and drill press. Hillier Engineering Services was awarded a contract to manufacture 20 Electro Head Assembly Vessels for Minproc Engineers who were the project managers for Ticor Chemical Company plant. Ticor Chemical Company was a Gladstone based company that produced the dry form of sodium cyanide used for the extraction of gold in Australia.


During 1992 the company had already trained its first apprentice. The company by this time had well and truly outgrown the premises at 5 Project Street Salisbury and in December of that year relocated the business to 15 Bradman Street, Acacia Ridge, Brisbane. During the move the company acquired its first CNC Okuma Lathe, the LB-25.


During that time Hillier Engineering Services took on machining work where there were one-offs produced, such as the machining of cast cooper T piece. By this time Hillier Engineering Services started to expand further into CNC machines to increase its machining capacity.


Hillier Engineering Services sponsored and helped The University of Queensland Sun Shark Solar Car team by donating our machining and technical services to the team.


In 1996 Hillier Engineering Services won a large part of the machining component contract for the Dalrymple Bay Coal Loader which was a joint venture between Clough Downer and Evans Deakin. This photo was taken at the Port of Brisbane, where the machine was fully assembled prior to it being shipped to Dalrymple Bay located on the Queensland's central coast.


Hillier Engineering Services won the contract to machine Brake Housing Castings for Caterpillar during the 1996-1998. These Brake Housings were supplied as raw high strength, high quality castings.


In 1998 Hillier Engineering Services was awarded the contract to machine and fully assemble a special purpose built coal scrubbing machine. The machine took 5 months to manufacture and assemble.


Hillier Engineering Services manufactured, assembled and pressure tested special hydraulic crusher cylinders used to crush large rocks in the mining industry.


In 2001 Hillier Engineering won the contract to produce a total of three un-coilers. HES was involved in the machining of components and the assembling and testing of each machine.


This is a special Vee Pulley HES fully machined from a solid billet steel. The diameter of this pulley is 600mm. This was one of many quality machine components Hillier Engineering Services manufactured during that year.


Hillier Engineering Services machined this Digester shaft by utilising its CNC Turning and Milling machines. This shaft was machined from a high grade stainless steel forging. This shaft is great example of the high quality and standards our machinists are capable of.


2007 saw Hillier Engineering Services machine a series of expander cones for its client's steel un-coiler machine. The PB-1 bronze brush was a shrink fit using liquid nitrogen to shrink the bush into the housing prior to finishing machining the component.


CNC machined precision shafts are a feature what Hillier Engineering Services can produce. These shafts are machined from 4340 material, specially heat treated to our clients' requirements. Machining shafts with large radius and different stepped diameters are easily achieved when you have the right machine, tooling and highly skilled machine operators to produce quality precision shafts of this type.


Split white metal bearings are not an easy component to machine. Hillier Engineering over many years has gained a great deal of knowledge and has perfected how to successfully machine such components for many different customers.


HES invested in new capital equipment: a Bed Type Mill complete with a CNC Programmable head and Large 4th Axis. The machine increased our machine capacity to 3000mm x 1000mm x 1500mm. The machine has a table weight capacity of 7000kg.


Hillier Engineering Services machines a number of spiral grease grooves in LG-2 spun cast bushes using its 4th axis CNC milling machine.


Hillier Engineering Services utilised its large bed type CNC machines to successfully 3D machine a Link Arm which, when completed, weighed 1530kg with an overall length of 2160mm.


HES committed to improving our efficiency with the final inspection of finished machined parts. To achieve this we have upgraded to a larger portable Co-Ordinate measuring machine. Not only does this give us very accurate measured results, we now can create custom dimensional reports for our clients if required. It also gives us the flexibility to take the CMM out into our workshop to carry out in process measurements and verification. The CMM also enables us the ability to reverse-engineer parts should this be required.


HES invested money into a brand new high speed machining centre, increasing our machining capacity and capabilities. This machine gives us the ability to take on the machining of Aluminium work that requires high accuracy and surface finishes. This machine is capable of producing parts for defence and aerospace industries, as well as new emerging products, such as components for new electric charging systems. Our machine is now tooled and our staff have been trained accordingly to take on this type of work.


Early this year, HES upgraded its old machining centre which we have had since 1994, with a brand new machining centre. This machine has a slightly larger capacity then our previous machine, plus it comes with a factory fitted 4th axis. This state of the art machine is more robust and rigid, which means machining cycle times will be reduced.


This year, we made additional investments in our business by acquiring the Okuma Genos 560 high-speed machining centre. This acquisition enabled us to enhance our work output capacity and expand our aerospace and defence machining capabilities, thereby allowing us to take on more projects in these fields.


In February of this year construction commenced of our new custom-built facility, which presented us with numerous challenges, including limited space. Nevertheless, through our commitment, perseverance, and meticulous planning, we overcame these challenges and maintained our production capabilities while meeting the expectations of our valued clients.


In January we underwent a relocation process to our new building adjacent to 15 Bradman Street. Having extended our operations at 15 Bradman Street since 1992, we now operate out of two buildings that facilitate a more efficient, safer and hygienic work environment for all our employees, suppliers, and clients alike.


Hillier Engineering Services' founders, John and Ray Hillier, are still at the helm of the company, as they celebrate 35 years of successful CNC and Manual Machining business. They lead a dedicated team of skilled professionals who take pride in their work, ensuring that every project is delivered on schedule with uncompromising quality. We are grateful to have such a competent workforce supporting the continued success of the business.