Aerospace & Defence

During 2016, Hillier Engineering Services diversified their machining capabilities and invested in high-speed CNC machines to meet the growing demand for precision components within the aerospace and defence sectors.

Aerospace & Defence CNC Machining, Milling and Turning Services

Hillier Engineering Services has gained extensive experience in machining various aluminium components and has collaborated with multiple companies in the aerospace and defence sector. Working within this area requires good communication and high precision for every manufactured part. In addition, we understand the importance of ensuring on-time deliveries and that each piece meets the required specification.

Our team can design vacuum fixtures and special tooling to assist with the machining process commonly used in Aerospace and Defence machining. In addition, Hillier Engineering Services has a solid relationship with HTA, Australia's most reputable company for vacuum braising and heat treatment. With HTA located within 500 meters of Hillier Engineering Services, this gives us a true competitive advantage for components that require vacuum braising or Heat Treatment processes such as stress relieving, case hardening, nitriding, harden and temper.

Hillier Engineering Services uses the latest technology for final inspections and can produce CMM reports for clients. The reports we offer include first article inspection, PPAP and customised reports.

The company uses electronic traceability to track and trace every component manufactured. Hillier Engineering Services values good communication and prides itself on providing exceptional client services. The company is committed to helping clients achieve their goals and is committed to continuous improvement.

Hillier Engineering Services has robust IT systems to ensure the confidentiality of client information, where technology designs are kept secure at all times.

Contact Hillier Engineering Services to learn how we can assist with your aerospace and defence component needs and experience our precision, quality and service.