Food & Beverage Processing

Hillier Engineering Services has provided machined components to many food and beverage companies since we commenced operations in 1988. We are proud to supply many well-known companies within the food and beverage industry.

Food & Beverage CNC Machining, Milling, Turning & Fabrication Services

Most machined parts we supply are used in production lines with a high wear rate due to the 24/7 operation of rotating parts. Components such as conveyor rollers, bearing housings, conveyor shafts, drive shafts, idler shafts, guide plates, lock nuts, collars, spur gears, torque arms, convey plates, chopper blades, links, plugs, valve assembly parts, leadscrews, adjusting screws are just some of the parts we have supplied to food and beverage processing companies.

We have also supplied specially designed machines for special applications, which have helped food and beverage companies gain a distinct competitive advantage.

We can provide CNC machined components of various batch sizes and parts that are not readily available.

Contact Hillier Engineering Services for all your machining needs and experience the difference in precision, quality and service.