Our Other Services

In addition to machining services, Hillier Engineering Services offers professional CAD, Surface Grinding, Bandsaw Cutting, Tool Making, Hydraulic Press and building Jigs & Fixtures within our manufacturing facility.

Other Services

Not only do we provide machining services, but we also offer:

  • Vertical and horizontal bandsaw cutting
  • Hillier has the capability of supplying specialised tooling for specific applications.
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) - We can help with design, drawing, testing and pro-types to suit you requirements
  • We have a 50 Tonne Hydraulic Press which can be used to straighten bent shafts, fabrications and to press bushes in and out of housings.
  • Surface Grinding services TABLE 630mm x 200mm

Should you be in need of specific Jigs & Fixtures for manufacture, fabrication or machining, we have expert knowledge and a wealth of experience to assist with design and manufacture.