CNC Milling & Manual Milling

Hillier Engineering Services specialises in CNC milling and have machines capable of performing both operations in one setup through 4th Axis machining, leading to cost efficiency and faster delivery times. Our CNC Milling machine operators are highly skilled and trained in programming, tooling, and machining. Hillier Engineering Services is known for tight-tolerance machining and tackling complex operations.

CNC Milling Services

We offer large and small-scale batch-size, CNC Milling. In addition, some machined components require turning and milling operations; we have the knowledge and experience and machines to manufacture such parts.

Hillier Engineering Services can provide high-speed machining services to the Aerospace, Defence, and Electric Car Charger industries. With state-of-the-art machines and experienced operators, we can handle and enjoy even the most demanding projects with precision and accuracy.

Our team can design vacuum fixtures and special tooling to assist with the machining process commonly used in Aerospace and Defence machining. In addition, Hillier Engineering Services have a solid relationship with HTA, Australia's most reputable company for vacuum braising and heat treatment. With HTA located within 500 meters of Hillier Engineering Services, this gives us a true competitive advantage for components that require vacuum braising or various types of Heat Treatment processes.

As part of our CNC milling operations, we offer CMM probed inspections and reporting.

  • First Article Inspections (FAI)
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  • Custom Measurement Reports

If you require CNC Milling services, contact us and experience the difference in precision, quality, and service. Our CNC Milling capacity:

  • 3250mm x 1200mm x 1500mm - maximum weight of 5000kg
  • 4th Axis Machining 1000mm Diameter
  • Spindle Speeds range up to 15,000 RPM

Manual Milling

Hillier Engineering Services have offered manual milling since our establishment in 1988. Our team of highly skilled and experienced machinists are experts in producing high-quality, accurate milling of bar stock, castings, forgings, and fabrications in both ferrous and nonferrous materials and plastics.

We have a proven track record of machining most grades and types of materials. We are familiar with machining billets, castings, forgings, and fabrications. In addition, we use the latest cutting tool technology, ensuring components meet our clients' specifications.

In addition, we understand the importance of cost-effectiveness, especially for one-off machining and small-quantity batch sizes.

If you require Manual Milling Services, contact us and experience the difference in precision, quality, and service.